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Image for /2020-book-review/

5 books to recommend for 2021

Image for /spaced-repetition/

The 2 things to take away from Learning How to Learn

Image for /2019-book-review/

9 books to read in 2020

career (3)

Image for /2021-canada-new-grad-salaries-visualized/

Here is how much New Grads in Tech are getting paid in Canada so far in 2021

Image for /2021-top-paying-tech-companies-in-canada-for-newgrads/

Highest Paying Tech Companies for New Grads in Canada 2021

Image for /the-must-have-skill/

The most important skill in the industry

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Image for /css-place-center/

The modern way of centering in CSS

Image for /css-fallbacks/

CSS for multiple browsers! Fallbacks tutorial

Image for /css-flex-ezpz/

CSS Flex Ramp Up

Image for /css-grid-ezpz/

CSS Grid tutorial to finally get it down, once and for all

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Image for /dandytoon-prepare-for-ai/

It's too early until it's too late

Image for /dandytoon-real-life-vs-linkedin/

Real Life vs LinkedIn

Image for /dandytoon-old-vs-new-tech/

Me want latest framework in 5 min

Image for /dandytoon-that-was-easy/

Well, that was easy

Image for /dandytoon-special-forces/

Special forces

Image for /reenter-everything/

Hello HR

Image for /dandytoon-windows-vs-linux-vs-mac-users/

Windows vs Linux vs Mac Users

Image for /tech-interview-vs-actual-job/

Tech Interviews vs The Actual Job

Image for /why-do-you-want-to-work-here/

Why do you want to work here?

Image for /ads-these-days/

Ads these days

Image for /programmers-then-and-now/

Programmers then and now

Image for /dull-meetings/

Dull Meetings

Image for /group-conference-video-call/

Group Conference Video Call

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Image for /chrome-devtool-capture-screenshot/

How to use Chrome DevTools to capture a screenshot

Image for /use-chrome-snippets-to-press-button/

Chrome Snippets - Automatically Refresh Data on Questrade

Image for /debugging-block-network-request/

Simulating bad requests

Image for /js-console-log/

Timing your functions the Slick 'n Smooth way

Image for /simulate-slow-networks/test slow network connections/

Simulate slow 3G network speed with Chrome DevTools

Image for /debug-js-chrome-devtools/

Chrome Devtools Quick Tips

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Image for /interview-at-bloomberg-part-3/

Interview with Bloomberg - The Virtual "On-Site" Interviews

Image for /interview-at-bloomberg-part-2/

Interview with Bloomberg - The Phone Interview

Image for /interview-at-bloomberg-part-1/

Interview with Bloomberg - Getting the Interview

Image for /interview-at-amazon-part-5/

Interview with Amazon - Team Matching

Image for /interview-at-amazon-part-4/

Interview with Amazon - The Virtual "On-Site" Interviews

Image for /interview-at-amazon-part-3/

Interview with Amazon - On-Site Interview Prep

Image for /interview-at-amazon-part-2/

Interview with Amazon - The Online Assessment

Image for /interview-at-amazon-part-1/

Interview with Amazon - Getting the interview

Image for /use-a-timer-when-doing-leetcode/

Riot Coding Challenge - My Mistake

Image for /interview-at-google-part-5/

Interview with Google - The On-Site Interview

Image for /interview-at-google-part-4/

Interview with Google - On-Site Interview Prep

Image for /interview-at-google-part-3/

Interview with Google - The Phone Interview

Image for /interview-at-google-part-2/

Interview with Google - Online Assessment & Phone Interview Prep

Image for /interview-at-google-part-1/

Interview with Google - Online Assessment Prep

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javascript (19)

Image for /js-data-structure-cheat-sheet/

Javascript Data Structure Cheat Sheet

Image for /top-level-await/

Node 14.8 New Feature - Top Level Await

Image for /javascript-is-weird/

Javascript is weird

Image for /js-map-vs-object/

Javascript - Map vs Object - when to use which?

Image for /google-code-jam-node-js-template/

Node JS Template for Google Code Jam and Kick Start

Image for /js-tidbits-for-tech-interviews/

Double Tilde ~~ and Double Apostrophe !! - SUPER USEFUL to know

Image for /js-heap-implementation/

If you are going to use Javascript for the coding interview, be prepared for heaps

Image for /js-incorrect-way-to-create-2d-array/

Don't make this mistake when creating 2D arrays in Javascript

Image for /copying-js-object/

Be careful when copying objects in Javascript

Image for /js-closure/

Answering this question right can affect your salary tremendously - Javascript closure

Image for /js-spread-operator/

Here is a really useful Javascript operator that you can use in coding interviews

Image for /js-var-let-const/

Here is a Javascript Quiz - var vs let vs const

Image for /js-object-inheritance/

The basic Javascript interview question

Image for /js-check-if-string-type/

Is it a string? Really? (A must-know for a Javascript developer)

Image for /promise-all-vs-all-settled/

Promise.all vs Promise.allSettled

Image for /guilt-free-commits-with-husky/

Guilt-free commits

Image for /rewire-mockery/

Do you even stub bro?

Image for /promise-anti-patterns/promiseAntiPatterns/

Anti-Patterns in Javascript Promises

Image for /javascript-promises-tutorial/

The Ultimate Javscript Promises Ramp-Up

job search (5)

Image for /do-not-give-up/

Don't give up

Image for /getting-the-interview-tip/

The Daily Scroll

Image for /creddle-resume-builder/

Use Creddle for your resume

Image for /the-better-way-to-get-an-interview/

The Better Way to Get an Interview

Image for /trouble-with-finding-a-job/

If you are trying to find a job, read this

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Image for /online-events/

I realized I'm a dinosaur

Image for /focusmate/

My weekends are productive, thanks to this

Image for /networking-during-quarantine/

I'm still networking during the quarantine

money (12)

Image for /relative-strength-index/

Relative Strength Index

Image for /2020-09-social-commerce/

2020 September Social Commerce Updates

Image for /2020-june-july-investments/

2020 June July Investment Report

Image for /2020-may-investments/

2020 May Trading Report

Image for /2020-april-investments/

2020 April Trading Report

Image for /real-estate-vs-stocks/

You are given $100,000 to invest in either real estate or stocks. Pick one.

Image for /high-interest-savings-accounts-canada/

Are you with an online bank yet?

Image for /this-one-asset-will-make-you-millions/

This one asset will make you millions

Image for /invest-during-recession/

Is investing during a recession a good idea?

Image for /promotional-rates-update/

Quick update on current bank promotions

Image for /student-loan-tips/studentLoanTips/

How I missed out on $14,000 during my undergrad

Image for /money-tips-1/moneyTips/

2 Quick Money Tips

real estate (6)

Image for /first-time-home-buyer-update/

Buying your first home? First Time Home Buyer updates!

Image for /canada-first-time-home-buyer-incentives/

4 Government Benefits for a Home Buyer in Canada, 2020

Image for /rental-property-tax-deductions/

Don't underestimate these rental property expenses

Image for /how-to-pick-high-profit-properties/

How to pick highly profitable properties

Image for /real-estate-is-ideal/

Real Estate Investing is IDEAL

Image for /why-you-shoud-invest-in-real-estate/

Why You Should Invest in Real Estate

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Image for /wide-column-databases/

Wide-Column Databases

Image for /key-value-databases/

Key-Value Databases

Image for /graph-databases/

Graph Databases

Image for /document-databases/

Document databases

Image for /acid-vs-base-databases/

ACID vs BASE Database Transaction Models

Image for /sql-vs-nosql/

SQL vs NoSQL Databases

typescript (3)

Image for /typescript-types/

Typescript Interview Questions - Basics of Types

Image for /typescript-any-vs-unknown/

Typescript - Any vs Unknown

Image for /typescript-generics/

Typescript Generics for those that have been avoiding it