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5 books to recommend for 2021

The 2 things to take away from Learning How to Learn

9 books to read in 2020

career (3)

Here is how much New Grads in Tech are getting paid in Canada so far in 2021

Highest Paying Tech Companies for New Grads in Canada 2021

The most important skill in the industry

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The modern way of centering in CSS

CSS for multiple browsers! Fallbacks tutorial

CSS Flex Ramp Up

CSS Grid tutorial to finally get it down, once and for all

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Tech Interviews vs The Actual Job

Why do you want to work here?

Ads these days

Programmers then and now

Dull Meetings

Group Conference Video Call

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How to use Chrome DevTools to capture a screenshot

Chrome Snippets - Automatically Refresh Data on Questrade

Simulating bad requests

Timing your functions the Slick 'n Smooth way

Simulate slow 3G network speed with Chrome DevTools

Chrome Devtools Quick Tips

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Interview with Bloomberg - The Virtual "On-Site" Interviews

Interview with Bloomberg - The Phone Interview

Interview with Bloomberg - Getting the Interview

Interview with Amazon - Team Matching

Interview with Amazon - The Virtual "On-Site" Interviews

Interview with Amazon - On-Site Interview Prep

Interview with Amazon - The Online Assessment

Interview with Amazon - Getting the interview

Riot Coding Challenge - My Mistake

Interview with Google - The On-Site Interview

Interview with Google - On-Site Interview Prep

Interview with Google - The Phone Interview

Interview with Google - Online Assessment & Phone Interview Prep

Interview with Google - Online Assessment Prep

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Javascript Data Structure Cheat Sheet

Node 14.8 New Feature - Top Level Await

Javascript is weird

Javascript - Map vs Object - when to use which?

Node JS Template for Google Code Jam and Kick Start

Double Tilde ~~ and Double Apostrophe !! - SUPER USEFUL to know

If you are going to use Javascript for the coding interview, be prepared for heaps

Don't make this mistake when creating 2D arrays in Javascript

Be careful when copying objects in Javascript

Answering this question right can affect your salary tremendously - Javascript closure

Here is a really useful Javascript operator that you can use in coding interviews

Here is a Javascript Quiz - var vs let vs const

The basic Javascript interview question

Is it a string? Really? (A must-know for a Javascript developer)

Promise.all vs Promise.allSettled

Guilt-free commits

Do you even stub bro?

Anti-Patterns in Javascript Promises

The Ultimate Javscript Promises Ramp-Up

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Don't give up

The Daily Scroll

Use Creddle for your resume

The Better Way to Get an Interview

If you are trying to find a job, read this

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I realized I'm a dinosaur

My weekends are productive, thanks to this

I'm still networking during the quarantine

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Relative Strength Index

2020 September Social Commerce Updates

2020 June July Investment Report

2020 May Trading Report

2020 April Trading Report

You are given $100,000 to invest in either real estate or stocks. Pick one.

Are you with an online bank yet?

This one asset will make you millions

Is investing during a recession a good idea?

Quick update on current bank promotions

How I missed out on $14,000 during my undergrad

2 Quick Money Tips

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Buying your first home? First Time Home Buyer updates!

4 Government Benefits for a Home Buyer in Canada, 2020

Don't underestimate these rental property expenses

How to pick highly profitable properties

Real Estate Investing is IDEAL

Why You Should Invest in Real Estate

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Wide-Column Databases

Key-Value Databases

Graph Databases

Document databases

ACID vs BASE Database Transaction Models

SQL vs NoSQL Databases

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