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This one asset will make you millions

2019-10-21 Dan D. Kimmoney

You better start investing in it.

Without getting into the details, I recently got a $1000 to spare outside of my saving & investing budget.

I wondered, what would be the best way to invest this $1000?

Maybe I could try stocks. There are many stories of people dipping their toes into day-trading with some of their leftover money, and end up learning a ton of lessons that are worth WAY more than the initial $1000. I could pick up some books, read up a ton of blogs, and get my head in the game.

Day trading is dangerous

Or maybe I could look into starting a side-hustle with minimum capital. I have a couple of ideas that could start making money within a month. I could spend $200 to incorporate a company, find a legal-services contract for $500 and get the show on the road.


Or maybe I could use it to travel somewhere.

The thing is, I want the best return on investment (ROI) for my $1000. I know it’s not much capital, but in this day and age where Quebec income taxes are HIGH AS FUDGE, I care about every dollar in my bank account.

Quebec taxes are too damn high

Well, I think I have an answer. I know exactly what will give me the biggest ROI on that $1000. It could even turn my $1000 into $1,000,000!

That is my mind. My mentality. My smarts.

In fact, I have already been doing this through my pursue of knowledge. I have been picking up books related to finance, real estate, tax laws, and negotiating deals. I have been trying out some video editing and video content creation. I am learning Chinese. I am reading Canadian, US, and Korean news on a weekly basis.

But I never spent money on it. All the books are from the library. I use OBS studio and Davinci Resolve to make videos. I learn Chinese through a free app. Reading news online is free.

However, this $1000 opens up a lot of doors. I could go to seminars. I could buy a ticket to those conferences that seemed really cool but too expensive for me to ever try out. I could buy some online courses that interest me. I could buy tickets to local events. There are a ton of stuff that I want to do, but never really thought it was worth spending money for.

After all, a cheap guy like me always thinks that I could do the same or even better, without paying any money.

Why pay money when you have free version

So, I’m beginning to invest. Investing in my knowledge. Investing in my mental growth.

Even though I’m a programmer, I’m assertively seeking knowledge outside of my domain. Spending 9-5 everyday looking at code is making my mind go a bit insane. I need something else to reassure me that I’m still human.

I am looking through networking events, and this time I’m not afraid of those $20 tickets. I’m looking into some premium subscriptions. I’m browsing through those weekend workshops and seminars.

Will it all be worth it? Certainly not all of them. Like everything in life, some will be better than others. But just the experience itself could all be worth it.

Life has a lot to offer, and people will find what they seek. Here’s to growth!