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5 books to recommend for 2021

2020-12-28 Dan D. Kimbooks

It’s that time of the year again. In this post, I want to recommend some of the books I read.

Here it is:

So Good They Can’t Ignore You

I recommend this book to people trying to figure out their career options.


  • it explores the contrast of passion vs money when it comes to work
  • the book lays out how passion is born from being relatively really good at something, and our realisation that we can offer value with said-skill. It goes against the popular “find your dream first”, and instead delivers a message along the lines of “get really good at something first, then you will find your passion”
  • might not ring 100% true, but it makes you reflect own your own life and understand yourself better

Nobody Wants to Read Your Sh*t

I recommend this book to content creators.


  • it breaks down the factors that differentiate good content vs bad content
  • it explains the journey of creating good content, aka value for the audience
  • teaches the core fundamentals
  • the fundamentals are applicable to almost any type of content - Youtube, books, blogs, advertisements, Instagram, etc
  • contains a lot of examples
  • my blog traffic grew 1000% since using the lessons in this book. Is it coincidence? 🤷

The War of Art

I recommend this book to hustlers.


  • explores the necessary mentality for not burning-out
  • helps you own your hustles, instead of having your hustles own you

Although I should mention, there’s a lot of wishy-washy stuff in this book. Feel free to skip those parts.

Getting More

I recommend this book to people interested in negotiation.


  • goes through lots of negotiation examples. Honestly, I would read it mainly for the variety of examples
  • the examples drills hard into how crucial empathy is in negotiation.
  • I found the principles taught in the book questionable. Feel free to do your own analysis on why something worked and dind’t work

Never Split the Difference

I recommend this book to people interested in negotiation. Another negotiation book, yes, but I really wanted to up my negotiation game this year.

Why this book?

  • explores the human rationality vs irrationality in negotiation
  • helps you see that the emotional irrationality overrides the rational logic in negotation
  • gets you to see that you need to really raise your empathy skills and see things from your counterpart’s perspective(s)
  • drills down into what a differnce it makes to see things from your counterpart’s perspective
  • lays out useful tools that you can start applying right away in your negotiations
  • very fun and engaging stories from real-life experience

That’s it! I hope you guys are spending merry holidays.

Improving yourself and developing your skills is a priceless journey. Life is a journey of growth, and you will be on this path of learning until the end of life.

I want to say that one of the most invaluable experiences in life is appreciating your loved ones. Hope you have taken the time to reward yourself and express your hearts to those close to you.

Happy reading :)