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Quick update on current bank promotions

2019-07-22 Dan D. Kimmoney

Shooting money out of a money gun

Got some cash and evaluating where to put your money?

Here’s a short summary of my recommendations as of July 2019.

Bank Promotion
Simplii Bank 3% on new deposits until Oct 2019
Tangerine Bank 2.75% on a new savings account for 6 months
EQ Bank 3% for a 3-month GIC

Why do I recommend these? Because they are no-fee institutions.

If you already have a Simplii / Tangerine account, then my recommendations don’t really help you. Instead, you can check out the FULL LIST of promotions.

And if… just if… there isn’t a promotion to your liking, there is always EQ Bank with their 2.3% base interest rate.

Happy banking! :)