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Salaries of Top Paying Tech Firms for New Grads in Canada 2021

2021-02-08 Dan D. Kimcareer

Cali or Bust

I came across the following stats from University of Waterloo 2020 Software Engineering Graduates’ Profile


84% of the graduates planned to go work in the US right after graduation.

I don’t blame them. US has better opportunities. US will reward you more for your efforts than Canada could.

Having said that, I’m Canadian. And while I admit that Canadian tech ecosystem is a small fraction of what US has to offer, I wanted to highlight some of the opportunities we have at home.

So here it is.

These are ballpark numbers, sourced from http://levels.fyi/

Top Paying Tech Jobs in Canada for New Grads

To get a fair comparision between different locations, I separated the jobs by their province.


Company Total Compensation Location
Qualcomm $109,000 Markham
Cisco $93,000 - $97,000 Ottawa
IBM $81,000 - $113,000 Ottawa
Shopify $65,000 - $108,000 Ottawa
Accenture $80,000 - $105,000 Toronto
Amazon $126,000 - $174,000 Toronto
AMD $113,000 Toronto
IBM $83,000 - $110,000 Toronto
GitHub $103,000 Toronto
Huawei $91,000 Toronto
RBC $102,000 Toronto
Shopify $102,000 - $127,000 Toronto
Google $127,000 - $145,000 Waterloo
Square $145,000 Waterloo

British Columbia

Company Total Compensation (salary + stock options + bonus) Location
Amazon $110,000 - $197,000 Vancouver
Arista Networks $127,000 Vancouver
Microsoft $124,000 - $192,000 Vancouver
Quora $197,000 Vancouver
SAP $105,000 - $127,000 Vancouver


Company Total Compensation (salary + stock options + bonus) Location
Morgan Stanley $75,000 - $102,000 Montreal
Shopify $116,000 Montreal


Company Total Compensation (salary + stock options + bonus)
AMD $84,000 Calgary


  • data from levels.fyi
  • these TCs (total compensation) are for new-grads, not experienced hires
  • some of these new grads have 1-2 years worth of internships
  • ironically yes, most of the top paying jobs in Canada are from US companies
  • No, this isn’t an exhaustive list
  • No, money isn’t everything. Consider other aspects to make sure you find a job you like

That’s all. Happy job-searching!