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2020-09-21 Dan D. Kimjob search

TLDR: If you are job-searching, browsing through LinkedIn for 5-10 a day can help you find a golden gem. Actively liking and commenting on posts could bring you even more fortune, but I unfortunately can’t speak from experience on that.

This story is from when I was doing my job search.

I was just casually browsing through my LinkedIn feed, when suddenly I came across a post by an employee from Coursera.

The post was a sympathetic post towards those hit hard with bad news during COVID, and also an offer to give a job interview for those in need. Coursera was expanding its teams in Toronto during that time, so the timing was just perfect.

This was when tech companies like AirBnB and Uber announced major layoffs.

Coursera Logo

I wish I had saved a screenshot of that post, because now I can’t find it :(

I immediately jumped on the opportunity and directly messaged the employee at Coursera.

Message to Coursera employee

And from then on, it was smooth sailing.

I had a pleasant call with the employee. It was a getting to know each other’s vibes kinda-deal.

Then I had an interview with an HR, which was pretty straight forward.

Then a technical phone interview, which was decent. Not easy but not too hard.

I passed the technical phone interview, but all the positions for that quarter were filled up by then, so I was put on the waitlist for additional postings. :(

But the lesson I took from this experience? There are hidden gems on your LinkedIn feed. Go find it.

Browsing the feed for 5-10 minutes a day could really be worth it if you are looking for a job.

I know, the LinkedIn feed is not something you’d normally want to go through. There’s so much humble bragging from everyone. All these interns showing off photos of themselves and their company swag infront of monitors that have their logos on full screen. I mean common, you don’t dress that nicely when working from home. Where are those sweatpants?

But all that shouldn’t matter. When you are searching for a job, you have a specific goal. That’s all you should care about. Execute and accomplish.

Carry out your actions with that goal in mind. Doesn’t matter if all these strangers are shining off their latest accomplishments. You are looking for something on your feed that you can turn into an interview. That’s it.

That’s all. Happy job searching!