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My weekends are productive, thanks to this

2020-06-22 Dan D. Kimlifestyle

I open my eyes to see my studio filled with the glaring bright sunlight tearing in between my curtains.

It takes a couple of seconds to realize my alarm clock hasn’t gone off yet… Or did I sleep through it? Shit.

I reach for my phone, asking myself “Did I miss it? Please please please.”

8:02 AM.

Phew. Good.

I can still make it to the 10 AM meeting.

What 10 AM meeting? Well, it’s not for work. It’s a Saturday today.

A few months back, I stumbled across something that made me commit to being productive on weekends.

The commitment is real. I go to sleep on Friday night with the meeting in my mind.

Sleeping in on weekends, waking up to have a brunch? Bye bye~

This is something I really don’t want to miss.

Because if I miss it, I will be letting myself down.



I was really skeptical when I first tried this, but I want to be open-minded and gave it a go couple months ago.

Now it’s a part of my life.

Weekend mornings, I will open up my dashboard, click on the Play button, bringing up the video chat. After a briefing on what we are going to work on, both me and my “focusmate” get to work.

No chit-chat.

No networking.

Just a straight-up “Hi, how are you. I’m going to be working on [my online course / blog / research]. Good luck”

So simple.

Yet so effective.

I love it.

I drag the video chat window to a corner on my secondary monitor.

For the next 50 minutes, my focus is at an ultimate high. Time flies by. I get shit done.

Then the alarm rings, signaling that the session is over. Me and my focusmate exchange cordial bye-byes, and I am back to reality.

I take a moment to admire the work I got done. Not a bad start to my Saturday.

I schedule another session for Sunday at the same time, and move on with my day at a productive and alert state.

How does it work

  1. Create an account
  2. Book a session book a session on focusmate
  3. Click the play button on the session at the time of meeting Click on play to join meeting on Focusmate
  4. Say hi, state what you are going to work on, then get to work!

Hopefully, you will find this as helpful as it was for me.

That’s all. Happy focusing!