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Looking for a free game to play for remote game nights? Check out Brawlhalla

2021-04-12 Dan D. Kimgaming

Team-building activities have been a thing for a while now.

However due to COVID, a lot of the activities are gonezo. In-person activities? No thank you.

In the midst of this phase, there is one activity that a lot of teams are doing - game nights!

They’re great - people can play from anywhere, games are fun, and there’s a LOT of different games out there. Something for each team.

One game that I feel lucky to have come across is Brawlhalla.


It’s basically like Super Smash Bros.

Well, not as good. But it’s free, runs on iOS, Android, PS4, Steam, Nintendo Switch, XBOX, and is cross-platform, meaning anyone on any of the mentioned devices could play with others on any other mentioned devices.

Plus, there are many different types of game modes that you can try. There is a soccer mode, football mode, capture-the-flag mode, snowball fight mode, and more.

Suggest it to your team and give it a try! It’s F R E E!

That’s all. Happy gaming!