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Tech Interviews vs The Actual Job

2021-09-20 dandytoon

Here is how much New Grads in Tech are getting paid in Canada so far in 2021

2021-09-06 career

Wide-Column Databases

2021-06-07 system design

Key-Value Databases

2021-05-31 system design

Graph Databases

2021-05-25 system design

Document databases

2021-05-17 system design

ACID vs BASE Database Transaction Models

2021-05-10 system design

Buying your first home? First Time Home Buyer updates!

2021-05-03 real estate

SQL vs NoSQL Databases

2021-05-03 system design

Looking for a free game to play for remote game nights? Check out Brawlhalla

2021-04-12 gaming

Why do you want to work here?

2021-04-05 dandytoon

Ads these days

2021-03-22 dandytoon

Programmers then and now

2021-03-15 dandytoon

Dull Meetings

2021-03-08 dandytoon

Group Conference Video Call

2021-03-01 dandytoon

Highest Paying Tech Companies for New Grads in Canada 2021

2021-02-08 career

The modern way of centering in CSS

2021-02-01 css

Using Microsoft's Speech to Text REST API? Don't use it on Chrome

2021-01-25 hackathon

I realized I'm a dinosaur

2021-01-18 lifestyle

CSS for multiple browsers! Fallbacks tutorial

2021-01-04 css

5 books to recommend for 2021

2020-12-28 books

CSS Flex Ramp Up

2020-12-21 css

CSS Grid tutorial to finally get it down, once and for all

2020-12-14 css

Typescript - Any vs Unknown

2020-12-07 typescript

Javascript Data Structure Cheat Sheet

2020-11-30 javascript

The 2 things to take away from Learning How to Learn

2020-11-23 books

Typescript Generics for those that have been avoiding it

2020-11-16 typescript

The most important skill in the industry

2020-11-10 career

Relative Strength Index

2020-11-02 money

Interview with Bloomberg - The Virtual "On-Site" Interviews

2020-10-26 interview stories

Interview with Bloomberg - The Phone Interview

2020-10-12 interview stories

Interview with Bloomberg - Getting the Interview

2020-10-05 interview stories

Don't give up

2020-09-28 job search

The Daily Scroll

2020-09-21 job search

2020 September Social Commerce Updates

2020-09-14 money

Use Creddle for your resume

2020-09-08 job search

Looking for a privacy policy generator? Shopify has a free one, and it's the best.

2020-08-31 blog

4 Government Benefits for a Home Buyer in Canada, 2020

2020-08-24 real estate

Node 14.8 New Feature - Top Level Await

2020-08-17 javascript

2020 June July Investment Report

2020-08-10 money

Interview with Amazon - Team Matching

2020-08-03 interview stories

Interview with Amazon - The Virtual "On-Site" Interviews

2020-07-27 interview stories

Interview with Amazon - On-Site Interview Prep

2020-07-20 interview stories

Interview with Amazon - The Online Assessment

2020-07-13 interview stories

Interview with Amazon - Getting the interview

2020-07-06 interview stories

Leetcode Effectively

2020-06-29 leetcode

My weekends are productive, thanks to this

2020-06-22 lifestyle

Javascript is weird

2020-06-15 javascript

2020 May Trading Report

2020-06-08 money

The Better Way to Get an Interview

2020-06-01 job search

How to use Chrome DevTools to capture a screenshot

2020-05-25 debugging

2020 April Trading Report

2020-05-18 money

Javascript - Map vs Object - when to use which?

2020-05-11 javascript

I'm still networking during the quarantine

2020-05-04 lifestyle

Node JS Template for Google Code Jam and Kick Start

2020-04-27 javascript

Double Tilde ~~ and Double Apostrophe !! - SUPER USEFUL to know

2020-04-20 javascript

Chrome Snippets - Automatically Refresh Data on Questrade

2020-04-13 debugging

Leetcode is a great way to prepare for interviews, but creates this one weakness in you

2020-04-06 leetcode

If you are going to use Javascript for the coding interview, be prepared for heaps

2020-03-30 javascript

Don't make this mistake when creating 2D arrays in Javascript

2020-03-23 javascript

Be careful when copying objects in Javascript

2020-03-16 javascript

Riot Coding Challenge - My Mistake

2020-03-09 interview stories

If you don't want to fail the behavioral interview, read this

2020-03-02 interview tips

If you are trying to find a job, read this

2020-02-24 job search

Don't underestimate these rental property expenses

2020-02-10 real estate

Answering this question right can affect your salary tremendously - Javascript closure

2020-02-03 javascript

You are given $100,000 to invest in either real estate or stocks. Pick one.

2020-01-27 money

Here is a really useful Javascript operator that you can use in coding interviews

2020-01-20 javascript

Are you with an online bank yet?

2020-01-13 money

Here is a Javascript Quiz - var vs let vs const

2020-01-06 javascript

9 books to read in 2020

2019-12-23 books

The basic Javascript interview question

2019-12-16 javascript

Is it a string? Really? (A must-know for a Javascript developer)

2019-12-09 javascript

Simulating bad requests

2019-11-25 debugging

How to pick highly profitable properties

2019-11-18 real estate

Real Estate Investing is IDEAL

2019-11-11 real estate

Why You Should Invest in Real Estate

2019-11-04 real estate

This one asset will make you millions

2019-10-21 money

Moving from Netlify to GitLab Pages

2019-10-14 blog

Is investing during a recession a good idea?

2019-09-02 money

Promise.all vs Promise.allSettled

2019-08-26 javascript

Timing your functions the Slick 'n Smooth way

2019-08-19 debugging

Guilt-free commits

2019-08-12 javascript

Simulate slow 3G network speed with Chrome DevTools

2019-08-05 debugging

Chrome Devtools Quick Tips

2019-07-29 debugging

Quick update on current bank promotions

2019-07-22 money

Do you even stub bro?

2019-07-15 javascript

How I missed out on $14,000 during my undergrad

2019-07-08 money

Anti-Patterns in Javascript Promises

2019-07-01 javascript

Hackathon guide

2019-06-24 student life

2 Quick Money Tips

2019-06-17 money

The Ultimate Javscript Promises Ramp-Up

2019-06-10 javascript

Interview with Google - The On-Site Interview

2019-06-03 interview stories

Interview with Google - On-Site Interview Prep

2019-05-27 interview stories

Interview with Google - The Phone Interview

2019-05-20 interview stories

Interview with Google - Online Assessment & Phone Interview Prep

2019-05-13 interview stories

Interview with Google - Online Assessment Prep

2019-05-06 interview stories

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